Kathy & Ron | Trash The Dress | Maui Destination Wedding

Maui wedding photographers, Milton Photography found a semi private beach to do some killer trash the dress photos at!

Kathy was so excited for their trash the dress session, I think because of the name of this photo shoot, usually the guys think it has nothing to do with them. Needless to say Ron was not a super happy camper about this. He went along with the climbing and the kissing, but when I said “great lets get you in the water” the look I received was pretty priceless. He was having none of that! Kathy coaxed him into it and sure enough, they look like they had a pretty good time! They were hugging and snuggling up, then a huge wave came up and Kathy’s shocked face was pretty great! Next I had them in the sand, again Ron was not thrilled, poor guy, first its the water now I want him in the sand too. They had a good time, snuggling up and letting the waves roll over them! We hung out shooting at this relatively private small beach until it was almost dark from a fabulous sunset. Then Kathy, fully dressed showers all the sand out of the dress, that my friends was a pretty genius move that I wouldn’t have thought of! Thanks so much for going along with my crazy antics!